Communities have always recognized two things. First, that which we need for survival should never belong to an individual. It should be the common wealth. Second, it should be managed as the common wealth. Therefore, community structures of responsibilities have to be put in place.

Vandana Shiva

Water Wars

This Week in History:

July 27th - 31st

Test yourself:

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Who married who and in what year?
Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981
What did NASA investigate in 2007?
Allegations that astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk
What withdrew from where after how long?
The British Army withdrew from Norther Ireland after 38 years
Who won an appeal for what in 1967?
Mick Jagger won his appeal against a 3 month prison sentence for taking drugs
What and how many went on display at an English Safari park in 2008?
Six white lion cubs

What the BBC ignored:

July 27 - 1943: As part of Operation Gomorrah the RAF unleash windows and create 'Germany's Nagasaki', a firestorm in the city of Hamburg.

July 27 - 1949: The initial flight of the de Havilland Comet, the first commercial jet-powered airliner, takes place.

July 27 - 1953: The Korean Armistice agreement is signed bringing an end to hostilities of the Korean War.

July 28 - 1976: The Tangshan earthquake measuring between 7.8 and 8.2 moment magnitude flattens Tangshan in the People's Republic of China, killing 242,769 and injuring 164,851.

July 28 - 1996: The remains of a prehistoric man are discovered near Kennewick, Washington and become known as the Kennewick Man.

July 29 - 1973: The Greek Monarchy is abolished with a 78.7% vote in a referendum with a 75% turnout.

July 29 - 2015: Windows 10 is launched.

July 30 - 1980: Israel annexes East Jerusalem when the the Knesset passes the 'Jerusalem Law'.

July 30 - 2006: After 42 years, the last episode of the longest running music show, Top of the Pops, is aired.

July 19 - 1943: The United States and Soviet Union both sign the START I Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the first to reduce (with verification) both countries' stockpiles.

Would you have swapped any of the events above for any of the events chosen by the BBC?