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A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.

Martin Luther King (1957-1968)

Address On Courage, 5 December 1965

Flooding in Japan

This is a short clip from Newsday focusing on flooding in Japan. It is slowed down by around 15%. The pack contains the video and a PDF featuring three versions of the transcript (straight version, word-matching version, and fill in the gaps).


And actually I just want to bring you up to date on another story which is the situation in Japan where millions of people have been told to leave their homes because of extensive flooding and landslides that have already claimed more than eighty lives. Record rainfall has caused rivers to burst their banks in Hiroshima and other areas. Many people remain trapped by the flood waters as Caroline Hawley reports.
More than 50,000 rescuers are now involved in what the authorities are calling a race against time. These hospital patients were saved by the Japanese militiary. This is where they were rescued from. The only escape was either by helicopter from the rooftop or by boat. And here you see why. Some people are reported to be still stranded in the hospital and they're not alone. A swathe of western Japan has beeen hitted by unprecidented rainfall that's caused flash flooding and landslides. Many people died because they weren't able to flee in time, among them an eighty year old couple and a three year old girl. And the death toll will certainly rise.
"I went to my father's home but it was hopeless. We were looking for two people and only found one."
Several million people have been told to move to safer ground if they can. Those trapped in their homes have been advised to move to higher floors. Some are already as high as they can go, and have tweeted desperate calls for help.
"Even now we've not been able to confirm the safety of quite a lot of people and there are many who are stranded facing the terror of impending inundation and waiting for rescue."
Nature has delivered this part of Japan a devastating blow and it's not finished yet. More rain is forecast and with it, officials say. is a serious risk of more landslides. Caroline Hawley, BBC News.

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The Pack

The pack contains the video in HD format together with a PDF featuring a crossword, the transcript, the transcript with gaps, a word list and a list of definitions. How to use the pack largely depends upon individual classes. Does a class need to go through any of the vocabulary first or will they be able to work out the meaning from the context?

One method to introduce the topic is to ask the students if there is any dress code at their school or place of work. How strictly is the code observed? Then ask if anyone knows what a hijab is and after that is revealed ask if anyone knows where hijabs are usually worn and by whom. Then show the video. The main point to draw out is Soumya Swaminathan's demand that International Federations take into account human rights when deciding on the venues for International competitions.

Rather than using the worksheets all in one go it's best to space their use out over several weeks with gaps in between. This way the vocabulary is more likely to stick in the memory.

getfile: Headscarves and Human Rights

ZIP: Video and PDF, 25.46 mb