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Battle of the Halji

Battle of the HaljiAlmost thirty years ago Battle of the Halji crept into being....

Now, it is about to return and when it returns your name could be inside the box adorning the brand new rules booklet.

If you have ever thought about desiging a game or getting a game published now's your chance. Just click the box art and wisk yourself away to the Battle of the Halji competition page.

Worksheet: World Military Spending Per Capita

In 2015 humankind spent around $228 per person on the military. Eighteen countries spent more than double this, that is, more than $500 per person. You might like to guess which, or perhaps visit the page or just get the pdf.

Worksheet: World Military Spending

Which country is the most militaristic in the world? Humankind spends over $39,000 a second on the military. In 2015 one country spent $6,818 a second (that's well over $400,000 per minute); more on the military than the next seven countries combined. Why? Go to the page for more information or just get the pdf.

Bombs Away 2016

To commemorate the first appearance of an American President in the first city to be obliterated by a nuclear bomb I've updated Bombs Away to include a 2016 version of the handout. Yes, the visit by President Obama is significant but as David Swanson indicated in his blog entry Obama in Hiroshima paints a peace sign on a bomb Obama did little more than justify war. I've yet to get through his whole speech. Too much hypocrisy.

Fifty-Five Today Update

My birthday's been and gone. Currently replies by spambots out number genuine replies by over ten to one. Most of the site is still offline. Perhaps its time has come.

But the lease has been paid for. So I'll wait.

The form below still works...

Fifty-Five Today

Happy Birthday to you!
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Last year the reports of my birthday were greatly exaggerated. I have this notion that a birthday could and should be celebrated one day for each year of existence. So for 54 days last year I added a page a day to this site. The overall response lead me to question the relevance and usefulness of Wise Hat. This birthday around I've decided to find out by killing the site off. If a hundred or more individuals contact me within the next fifty-five days Wise Hat will return and continue, if not, to borrow from Vonnegut, so it goes, or rather, so it went.



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