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It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Muhammed Ali (1942-2016)

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Sick as a dog

Donald Trump would have you believe that gun violence in the United States is primarily caused by mental illness. So click the gun to get randomly shot to reality:

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Here is another This Week In History episode from BBC World News. This episode features the resignation of Benedict XVI, a locust palague in South Africa, the freeing of Kuwait City, Dolly the sheep, the overthrowing of Ferdinand Marcos and the engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer:

How long before the engagement was announced?
How long did Ferdinand Marcos rule his country?
In which country was Ferdinand Marcos a dictator?
In which year did the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos end?
In which year was Dolly unveiled?
In which year was Kuwait City liberated?
What happened to the pope who resigned?
What hit South Africa in 1986?
What kind of animal was Dolly?
What was 10 miles long?
What was the name of the world's first cloned mammal?
When was the last time a pope resigned?
When was the last time South Africa had the same problem?
Where was Dolly unveiled?
Which country's army occupied Kuwait City?
Who announced their engagement in 1981?
Who resigned in 2013?
Who said yes in 1981?

Not My Dog...

  • Pyeongchang 2018: Let the games, destruction and debt begin

All that kerfuffle about the Russian Curler downing drugs to steady his nerves. Oh the sanctity of sport! Nothing is sacred especially the Sacred Forest which needs to be renamed the scarred Forest after tens of thousands of trees, many ancient and rare, were killed to make way for a ski slope. But there's more, Click the stump to view a ThinkProgress stop-animation focusing on the hidden costs of the Olympics.

One activity with videos like this is to write words used in the video onto small cards - one on each. Deal out some or all of the cards to the students and spend some time going through any unknown vocabulary. One activity is to get the students taking turns giving hints so the words can be guessed. It is possible for students to learn to give hints for words they don't know. They can look for words within words, or word stems or think of rhymes. Once the vocabulary has been examined play the video and the students try to play a card when they hear the word. Repeat playings until all the cards have been played. Between rounds redistribute the cards so that every player has at least one card or alternatively let the students manage the cards in pairs. Here's a list of words that crop up in this video: descend, frigid, tension, dominated, significant, disrupt, loom, concerns, financial, burden, whopping, mega, venues, deficit, welfare, sacred, recognition, legacy, purify the streets, orphans, notorious, gruesome, facility, victims, justice, humanitarian, impacts, evicted, bankruptcy, begs the question

Blow this hot dog stand?

Done with this page? Then link-away. You can leave it at the click of a button. But just how big is yours? Donald Trump tweeted that his Nuclear button worked and was bigger than Kim Jon Un's. The United States is intent on redeveloping its nuclear arsenal yet Western mass media generally paints North Korea as belligerent and untrustworthy. An article by T.J. Coles demonstrates that in reality it's the reverse.

Think that American Fascism began with Trump? Think again. Read John Pilger's article from three years ago: Why the Rise of Fascism Is Again the Issue.

It's a truism that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. 2017 saw the richest 1% take 82% of the wealth generated in that year. Read How the Global 1 Percent Rips Off the World.

Meanwhile, the article A New Way to Remember Rosa Parks by Jeremy Brecher considers the relationship between transport, civil and human rights.

Need a laugh? The 2017 Dispatches "Are you Serious" Awards may raise a dour chuckle. For example, find out who squandered $28 million dollars on lush forest camouflage uniforms and then sent them to an arid country almost 98% desert. No Joke

Or if something more directly connected to education is your whim have a look at this Truth Out article about unschooling in the US.

And finally, if you are a bot and you are reading this perhaps the article by John Frank Weaver may tickle your anodes: Why Robots deserve free speech rights.