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May Be Not!

Vote for the many on June 8th! What, you don't have a vote? Then get the song! A musical word puzzle is just a couple of clicks away. Visit the page now!


Experience insignificance by stepping into one of Yayoi Kusamas White Rooms. A BBC World News report about this Japanese living National treasure, complete with transcript! Visit the page now!

Ed Makes History

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has made history with his third album Divide. Here's a short video from BBC World News. Visit the page now!

Cars In Japan

A three minute and something video from Asian Business Report examining Donald Trump's complaints about how the Japanese prevents the sale of American cars in Japan. Visit the page now!

The Walled Off Hotel

A lesson pack based on Banksy's new hotel in Bethlehem. See the video, read the article, do the crossword, visit the page! And if you like it drop me a message.

Zodiac Puzzles

Two packs of puzzles in word-chain format. Don't know what I mean by word-chain or just want the worksheets? Then click here.

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