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The highest result of education is tolerance.

Helen Keller (1880-1968)


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Wise Hat is dead - long live Wise Hat! The old website is currently retired. This new one is responsive meaning that it will work with different kinds of devices. It is a work in progress and the progress will depend upon what kind of interest it generates. So send some feedback!

Halloween Who is Where?

Here is the video game used at our big parties for elementary school aged children and younger. It's designed so that the teacher can talk over the top of the video and give extra hints as needed. In each scene players need to watch carefully so they can answer the question about the five starring characters. Who is where? Ready, steady go!

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Halloween is just around the corner and party preparation is barrelling around that bend. One tradition at Wise Hat English is our Halloween videos. This year the format for older students is "what happens next? ". We have ten video clips and groups can decide whether they want to watch without hints or with. You can look at either of the videos by clicking one of the cats.

  • Halloween What Happes Next
  • Halloween What Happens Next With Hints

The video with hints is 14:29 minutes long and the one without is 12. You can download either one for personal and school use by clicking either of the buttons below.

Halloween WHN no hints Halloween WHN with hints

Vampire's Crypt

Vampire's Crypt is a simple sentence making game with a Halloween theme. You can download a version below. To play you'll need some Halloween vocabulary cards and a toy spider to act as a mover. The game plays as follows:

  1. To win the players need to help the spider crawl across a vampire's face to safety. The spider starts on the Vampire's coffin has to make it to the top of the board.
  2. Each turn a Player draws a Halloween vocabulary card and makes as long a sentence as possible including the vocabulary. For every word in the sentence the spider moves one space.
  3. After moving the spider check how angry the vampire is. Cut the vampire's rage deck. The player then chooses either the top card or the bottom card and the value is revealed. The spider must move back that number of spaces or until it reaches a garlic where it can stop. If a recut card is chosen repeat the process: cut the pack and choose the top or bottom card.
  4. That's it! Either play until the players get the spider to safety. set a time limit or a card limit (eg 13 cards) to restrict the number of turns the group has to win.
  5. With large groups have teams take turns to make sentences. If players are less able at English encourage them to help each other. Conversely a time limit can be used to limit sentence creation time and add a little pressure. Some players may need help adding adjectives to make sentences longer. Getting the players to repeat the final complete sentence without pause is recommended.

At our parties we hung the board up and used a magnet at the back of the board to move the toy spider from behind the board without touching the spider. Creepy fun!

Press the button to download a zip file containing the board and cards in various sizes.

Download Vampire's Crypt